Hey There, I’m Tabitha

I’m a mom and wife, living in the suburbs just outside Dallas, TX with husband, Jordan (of Daddy’s Man Cave) and our four (Chloe, Travis, Harrison, & Mara) amazing children — in a multicultural, blended family and multi-generational home — where my mother lives with us.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO where I lived most of my life before moving to TEXAS. We’re currently planning our next great adventure — building our dream home!

Having started my first “mom blog” in 2005 when I was pregnant with my oldest, I’ve been sharing about my life, motherhood & family for years. Relaunched in 2020, this is where my family, and I share our life and our journey honestly.

Your Best Friend Online & IRL

My purpose is to encourage women (like YOU) to embrace the beauty and messiness of life, and find joy in imperfection. My hope is that you see yourself and feel seen in this community.


  • Celebrate positive, not PERFECT lifestyles
  • Normalize seeing thriving, black/multi-cultural families
  • Share honestly about family, finances, marriage, and life
  • Tell stories that make you smile, feel good, and say, “I GET IT”
  • Share brands, products, and tips that make life easier, better, and more fun for you and your family

Want To Work With Me?

Interested in partnering with me? Reach out and let’s talk about your next project here! If filling out contact forms isn’t your thing, send an email to at: [email protected]